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Commercial Property Roof Repairs Tallaght Dublin 24

Nested in the foot hills of the Dublin mountains, Tallaght in South Dublin offers stunning panoramic views of Dublin and  surrounding areas. With plenty of wide open spaces, in recent years both residential and commercial construction has boomed, as has the need for commercial property roof repairs in Tallaght and surrounding areas of Dublin 24.

It`s geographic location and the amount of open spaces means that this picturesque location is prone to more than it`s fair share of turbulent weather and given the effects of global warming, and increased sea temperatures (which increases the frequency and severity of storms) at this time of writing ( UPDATED January 2024 ) we would recommend that commercial property owners take the initiative and address any suspicions or concerns they may have in relation the condition of roofing, guttering and chimneys of their commercial properties by contacting a specialist roofer or commercial property roofing contractor and arranging an inspection. “A stitch in time “, and all that when it comes to roofing really makes scenes as it allows issues to be dealt with on your terms when it suits you, thus saving your business from issues of lost productivity, water damage to internal electrical systems and IT infrastructure, internal walls and décor, not to mention damage which may be caused to adjacent properties and vehicles etc in the surrounding area.

Commercial Property Roof Inspections

Tallaght roofers with height safety equipmentRoof inspections are something which must be left to professional roofers who have the necessary experience  and safety equipment for working at heights, it`s not a case of just throwing on a hi-viz vest and a helmet and using an auld ladder found round the back. The use of appropriate height safety equipment and having staff trained in its use is of paramount importance.

For example some of the equipment which our roofers in Tallaght frequently use are:

  • Safety Ladders
  • Roof Ladders
  • Height Safety Harnesses with lanyards and temporary anchor points with safety lifelines
  • Safety Footwear, Goggles and Safety Gloves

So as you can see a roof inspection really is a job for the professionals. And what about the fella you once saw on You Tube demonstrating roof inspections. Well haven’t seen him since, lol.

Please stay away from your roof. If you can clearly see damage to the roof from the ground then certainly take a photo of it, but, ensure you are well away from where you could be struck by anything which could fall from the roof.

You should also put in place some measures to safeguard any persons or vehicles in the vicinity of your property (FIRST) and then call us to avail of our emergency roof repair service on 0892794080

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